Questions about what causes disconnection and packet sending failure

Hi there!

I have implemented Nakama, using a DigitalOcean droplet as a server, into my multiplayer game.
There is a functioning lobby section and everything - so server connections and sending match states between clients is fully working.

However, after “starting a game” these functions start to fail. I am unable to find specific documentation for the Godot-SDK’s functions so I don’t know what causes it to fail. The game’s turn-based system completely fails, because no information is being passed between the game starter and joiner.
In the

func send(p_buffer : PoolByteArray, p_reliable : bool = true) -> int:

This returns the error that the put_packet() function FAILED. I was wondering what specifically causes this to happen. This is all from the host’s end.
Is it because the client disconnected? On their end I noticed a “freeing request” being made, but I can’t find any documentation that describes what that is.

I would just like to know what might cause these kinds of issues.
Error: put_packet: Condition “!is_connected_to_host()” is true. Returned: FAILED

Hi connortbot, does your game work locally but not on Digital Ocean? Are you able to confirm whether your socket connects to the server?