Question regarding Relayed Multiplayer (Godot 4)

Hi there,

in the Fish Game Documentation (Heroic Labs Documentation | Fish Game) in the section “NakamaMutliplayerBridge” it is stated that once “match_joined” is emitted, it is possible to just use the Godot built-in RPC functions.

  1. It seems this particular page is using Godot 3 (?), so does this (Bridge w/ RPC calls) also work for Godot 4 and if yes, does it use UDP?

On the other hand, 2 other documentation sites (Heroic Labs Documentation | Client Relayed Multiplayer) that have Godot 4 as a client Choice, there is a nakama-specific method called “send_match_state_async” used.

  1. From what I understand, this uses (as only option) TCP and is therefore no complete substitute for the Godot built-in RPC methods?