Polling API request

Nakama able to implement a long polling API request?

Hello @Albertcleetus,

The server does not support long polling, it is however possible to tweak some configurations to set for how long an http connection is kept alive.

Why would you need this over establishing a websocket connection or doing regular RPC calls?

Hello @sesposito Pleasure to answer for my question.
And here it is,
Our exact plan to implement multiplayer using nakama + gamelift,
after party connection and matchmake with gamelift or nakama,
at that time need it for when players that are not party leader are joining a game
for this,
socket connection would be what we require so we need frequent short polling HTTP calls instead
like every 5 or 3 seconds until the desired outcome is met.
i think in nakama it will handle itself in a way.
can you please five me a words for this, it was helpful for that.

I think your clients, irrespective of party leaders/members, should always remain connected to Nakama on a socket. When a match is allocated in GameLift, you should use Nakama to send GameLift instance connection info to your clients and get the client to make a separate connection to the GameLift instance - whilst still connected to Nakama on a separate socket.

You shouldn’t use long-polling here at all.