Outgoing queue full

Hello there!

Currently building a 2d tile based multiplayer game. Stumbled across a problem today where the outgoing queue is full for a client: “session outgoing queue full”.

This started to happen once i speeded up a players movement speed. One message is sent for each tile move. Im curious how to approach this, because movements needs to be sent for each tile. How can i solve this the best way?

Hi @gruset,

As novabyte puts it in this other post, such type of message flow will inadvertently overwhelm the game device. It’s possible to tweak the limits but as lugehorsam says in the mentioned post, adjusting the number of messages required to be sent by the serve would be the easiest.

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, ive read the post. Was just finding it hard how to get around this, because its a tilebased, every move needs to be sent. Might try changing the limit and see how it goes. Cant think of any other way to do it. Though, the players wont travel 18 tiles a second as im doing now when developing the game. So maybe this is not a problem after all… Thanks again!