Niwrad: Distributed multiplayer sandbox evolution simulation

Hey I used Nakama for fun several times, wasn’t easy at first to find examples projects so I thought about sharing my code

I use both a unity server and Nakama because I needed to handle the physics on back-end side.
The back-end architecture roughly and the distributed strategy using Octree data structure.

My Plan was to use Nakama as a sort of stateless “coordinator” and the unity server as a sort of stateful “executor”(game logic …).
I used Protobuf to implement more messages.
There is a bit of ugly code but I hope it can guide few people into building things with Nakama !

PS: It would be nice to have a “awesome-nakama” on Github, so people add their projects to the list etc.


@louis030195 This is a very complex project to take on. Huge congratulations on the work and thanks for sharing it with the rest of the Nakama community! :pray: