Lobby matchmaking

Hello! I’m just starting experimenting with Nakama, I’m loving it so far!

What I need to achieve is to implement a lobby-like matchmaking, I need that a player should be able to create a room and wait for the rest of the members up to 4 players, and he should start the game when they want it. (Even if its only 2 members)

It is possible to achieve something like this on Nakama?

What I saw on the matchmaking documentation once a match is made you must start the multiplayer immediately and theres no possibility for other players to join, is this correct?

I was thinking in creating chat rooms to act as a lobby, and do the matchmaking manually looking open chat rooms, what do you think about this, is this a viable option?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @LucasGaspar welcome :wave:

Have a look at the documentation for match listings. This covers the lobby-style of multiplayer system you want to achieve. It supports both relayed and authoritative multiplayer matches. We recommend that you use match listings when you want players to find matches. And use the matchmaker when you want players to find other players to form a match with.

A typical pattern with our match listings API is to wrap it in an RPC function call that’s executed by game clients which acts as a “find or create” operation for the match.

Hope that helps.

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Awesome! :star_struck:
Thank you a lot for your fast answer!

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