Need help Match Making Matched Callback

Hi, I’m using Nakama’s Unity SDK latest client with main thread commit. On the server, i haven’t changed any thing and just installed nakama using docker.

My game is the match maker looks for players with some properties and match them. the maximum number of players in the game is 2.

i have tested on 2 clients, the match maker seems to worked fine. But today I have scaled the testing with 6 members and created the pool. I have received the Matched callback. But here is the issue.

Say there’re 3 Match MATCH A, MATCH B, and MATCH C
A player among the 6,getting matched to MATCH A and MATCH C or MATCH C and MATCH B.
He’s getting matched to 2 others who are in pool.

I thought on matched callback all the users will get unique opponent. but while scaling it’s looks like my assumption is wrong. But i need the matched event to should throw only unique opponents to all.

Kindly help me fix this.

Hi @ragavendranbala welcome :wave:

Sorry I don’t really understand your request. A quick summation on the matchmaker. It’s made to matchmake players in a pool based on the criteria and the data properties submitted for that user. The result of matchmaking does not mean a multiplayer match is created it just means the set of players have been matched together. It’s up to the client to then join a match to decide their participation.

Sorry It’s my fault i have joined on a match making pool already but i forgot to close that. That’s the reason. I have closed the pool which i have joined already. Now all seems working fine… THANKS!

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