NakamaAsyncResult error in Godot 4

Hi guys! Has anyone managed to use the Nakama addons in Godot 4 stable? I’m using beta 17, the one before the stable one and I don’t have any problem, but with the stable version this happens to me.

This error appears when you try to start the application with the nakama addons. It is in the NakamaAsyncResult class. I have tried to eliminate these validations and others and I cannot connect.

I have looked in your repositories and I have not seen new versions of the nakama addons? Do you know any solution to correct this error and make nakama work in Godot 4 stable version?


I tried these changes

as others have suggested and it seemed to fix that problem. I can now authenticate with Godot 4 but I cannot make a socket connection.

Thanks bro! Solved!<3

Anyone managed to get socket working with Godot 4? It can authenticate, but when I try to do socket connection, it does connect but the client is closing the connection afterwards