Godot 4 Incompatabilities and Issues

The Nakama Godot SDK unfortunately is not compatible with the Godot 4.0 Stable release. There are multiple pull requests pending on GitHub that fix a lot of these isssues (such as this one, which seems to fix most of the issues), however they all seem to have been ignored so far.

I actually found another bug in the NakamaHTTPAdapter.gd that I’m not sure if I should make an issue about, which is this line in AsyncRequest.parse_result():

		if json_error != OK:
			logger.debug("Unable to parse request %d response. JSON error: %d, response code: %d" % [
				id, json.error, response_code

where json.error should actually be json_error, otherwise Godot throws an error.

Versions: Nakama (latest godot-4 branch), Godot v4.0.stable.official [92bee43ad]

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Hey @Coxcopi – we’re on it.

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Just a quick follow up, although this thread is already a few months old:

I actually made a pull request on the nakama godot github page to fix the typo, which, along with a bunch of other pull requests regarding the godot 4 update, has been merged into the main branch.

Thanks to that and all the other tirelessly working Nakama maintainers and contributers, nakama-godot is now pretty much compatible with Godot 4.x, and I haven’t run into any major issue since! :smiley:

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