Nakama with Photon

i want to make a game Using photon and Nakama.

can we integerate both ?

Hey @KGS could you share more about why you want to use both and what components from each you are using?

Hi @lugehorsam .
For Nakama I’m thinking to use All features except gameplay (Like Authentication,Tournaments,Storage,
Friends System etc)
For Photon wanna use Gameplay player position movement and synchronization and voice chat

@KGS I don’t see any technical reason why you can’t use both – though it is probably simpler to just use Nakama and use match data to sync player position movement and a third party like Vivox for voice chat.

Hi @lugehorsam
yes but lag-compensation, Client side prediction and entity interpolation is quite difficult task to implement

Hi @lugehorsam need your help on it