Nakama support server side cache and client side cache

a) Player 1 send the event and it is received on server side but before sending it to other user player2, player2 got disconnect then when player2 reconnect, is that player2 will receive those event or we need to make some solution that player1 will resend them.

b) Player1 raise some events and on the go player1 got disconnected so player1 himself don’t know that which of the raise event don’t reach to the server.

@kmsudhir I think what you’re looking for is a network send and network receive buffer rather than some kind of cache. The client SDKs do not implement this for you because its not safe to automatically implement this behaviour for all multiplayer game types. It’s also not necessary if you use the Authoritative Multiplayer Engine built into Nakama.

If you’re using the Relayed Multiplayer features of the server you should implement a send and receive buffer for the game clients and adjust your netcode to accommodate this design. The code itself will be very specific to the kind of multiplayer game you’re working on.

Hope this helps.