Nakama suitability for an MMO


I was going through the documentation trying to figure out how suitable Nakama is for a realtime (albeit low tick) MMO.

The game is a 2D realtime persistent space MMO (think 2D multiplayer X4 Foundations). It’s still in early stages with the server being one big insecured instance held together with (coding) duct tape.

Nakama seems to be centered around matches however i love all the features it comes with so was thinking of ways to make it fit my use case.

To that end i was thinking that i may treat each star system as a match. Statistically there won’t be many players in realtime in the same system at the same time. So i was wondering what are the limitations of a given match (number of players, time being alive, etc).

Any other ideas, suggestions, comments are welcome.


Woah! This sounds cool. I am doing something similar! :grin:
Please check out how I plan to implement this:
Nakama - exo
and to read more:
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