Nakama rest api cache

How can I cache common rest api requests?
What should I use for a good caching system that has not any problem with nakama?
I want to cache common requests for a short time to prevent load on nakama and db.

How can I cache common rest api requests?

You want advice on a cache layer to use client side with queries made to the game server? What game engine do you use?

I want advice for cache at the backend side and I want to use it for an application not a game.
My client is just xmlhttprequest.

@nkadd We’ve not had any need to run a cache in front of the game server or the database infrastructure because we’ve carefully optimized the performance across all of the official APIs we provide. We run games that do 35Bn requests per month and are top 100 on mobile and don’t use a cache layer because it’s just not needed.

What sort of performance criteria do you have to achieve? Do you have custom SQL queries in your RPC functions?

Maybe. I need caching for storage read and list APIs and some custom RPC functions.

What sort of performance criteria do you have to achieve?

@nkadd I don’t think you answered this part. What req/sec, CCU, DAU, or MAU performance targets do you have in scope as part of your live production launch?

It’s my first real project but I need the best req/sec on a vps with 1g ram and 2 core cpu.So I think I need caching.

I would recommend you don’t consider a cache a requirement before you’ve seen it needed in live production situations. I can’t really recommend any particular cache solutions to place alongside Nakama for your custom logic because we’ve never needed it.

If you have recommendations that you think could work I can always try to weigh in with specific considerations to make.