Caching Configuration Data

Recently i have been working with configuration files and with recent changes to nakam, nakama has added option in lua runtime to read files, and to put into localcache which persists within memory.
Currently in our game we feed to users with configuration data for example: events, offers, and other goodies more used for balancing game data or extending.
This data has been server with using storage and up till now workflow was prefered for both dev/prod environments. Although with increase in users, database gets constantly hit and we would like to avoid that by using newly introducated features to read files and store in memcache so users would then get those data with rpc.

Now problem arrise when if we are using localcache to store these configuration files, we lose ability to hot reload them as it requires servers to be shutted down.
Idea poured into our mind to try to use cron job, or something that would update the local cache but it seams like there is no internal option like that within lua runtimes.
Looking at docs, it seams that preferd way would be to make additional service, and then let that service talk to server,and through RPC communication reload data…And this option for dev could bea bit problematic.
So my question is:
Is there any other way to reload localcache or have cached data to be reloaded without using of external server and S2S communication or that is what it is.

This is too vague, what problem do you have exactly?

Either way, our recommendation is to restart when a configuration reload is required. If you absolutely want to avoid this then a S2S call using curl and driven by a CRON schedule is probably your next best bet.

Exactly, i was looking through docs and checking is there a way to start a cron service within lua runtimes in let say run_once hook :slight_smile:
But saddly no such thing i have found.