Nakama Lua Intellisense Implementation

Hello! This is a bit of a repost, but since I didn’t create the original topic related to the Intellisense Implementation for Lua, I decided to do this and make it better sorted and easier to read.

Without further ado, here it is, with instructions on how to use it.

The main objective of this is to add a working Intellisense for Nakama Lua functions, using EmmyLua Intellisense (which is cross IDE enabled).

To do this we are going to first install the EmmyLua plugin for your IDE.

With the plugin installed you now need to download Nakama module from the repo.

Then add it to your project in order to allow the require(“nakama”) to import it, this will allow the Nakama functions to display Intellisense based on this new added module.

Before deploying the server always remember to make sure NOT to upload the nakama.lua file since that will break the server framework.

If someone notices any bug on the file, please let me know so I can add or improve already existing Intellisense.

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Updated Intellisense.
Added missing description for account_update_id function.
Added limit to the required parameters for storage_list since on lua at least its mandatory to execute the function.

nakama.lua (74.1 KB)

Also, can someone from the team allow me to edit the OP? So I can update files there and use comments just for changelogs?

@KittySkin You should now be able to edit your OP as needed - thanks again for your work on this!

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Updated intellisense, added match_signal that was missing and fixed some not required parameters being marked as required.

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Just a heads up. I uploaded the module to a public repo so it can be forked and in case someone wants to, helped with.
Let me know if something arises!

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