Javascript Documentation incorrectly reports timeouts

Incorrect unit of measure for client.timeout
In this section, the documentation states the timeout property is in seconds, however based on the current Javascript codebase, this is actually milliseconds. Users following the documentation and setting their timeout property to 10 will run into issues attempting to reliably authenticate due to such a short timeout.

Extra argument for socket.connect()
In this section, the documentation passes a connectionTimeout argument into socket however the current Javascript codebase only accepts two arguments for the connect method, neither of which are a timeout.

Hi @matthewvroman,

Thanks for catching these, we will get the documentation updated. :pray:

How are you finding working with our documentation? Are there any areas you think could be improved or any areas in particular that you find very useful that we should be doing more of?

Hey @tom, so far the documentation has been great. I’ve only spent a few hours so far on a side project with Nakama so haven’t gotten too far in. Currently have a server & client both running off of webpack + typescript. There was a bit of investigation to get webpack working on the server side rather than using rollup. It may be worth documenting this setup considering webpack is still a popular bundler.

Otherwise, the documentation looks to have everything I need to keep moving forward. If I notice any other discrepancies I’ll be sure to call them out. Looking down the road, it’d be great if the documentation was hosted on a git repo so that pull requests could be made for any future issues that users may find.

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Excellent, thanks for the feedback @matthewvroman. :pray: