Multiplayer rpg server?

Are your servers only for PvP/matchmaking type games or could it used for a multiplayer open world RPG type game like WoW/current popular MMO ?

not necessarily MMO scale, but handle all the RPG elements, character selection, PvE, AI, open world sub divided maps , etc.?

I understand most of that is client side logic but is there any example/documentation links available for more RPG/PVE type games? all I can find is PvP/lobby matchmaking related and I don’t think those type of games use that?

Hi @randomguy2020 welcome :wave:

I see no reason you can’t express the game elements of an open world RPG with the APIs in Nakama. You’d have to divide up the world space into logical “shards” (regions of the world space) and you’d have to handle logic for area of interest broadcasts to other players in the shard you’re on but it’s all quite straightforward. There’s a few forum threads that already talk about the code design for this kind of gameplay.

Unfortunately while Nakama is in-use for these kinds of RPG/MMO-style games we cannot share any of the code for those projects. It would be good to develop a demo that shows off these features but we’ve not had the chance to tackle it yet.

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i am stuck and not able to understand the document. is there any demo other than jolly roger>? plz help stuck for more than week. Thanks

@amitkumbhar14 The Jolly Roger you’ve already mentioned is a fully featured client and server demo. It’s completely open source for you to inspect as needed or use its code as a foundation for your own project.

What kind of demo are you looking for beyond that?

(Also please note you seem to have replied to an unrelated topic. Next time please create a new thread.)

@zyro Thanks for the reply, ill create new thread next time.

I am looking for turn based demo.