Message queue integration

Hi guys,

I’m a newbie with Nakama and looking into Event concept at Events - Heroic Labs Documentation

If i want to integrate Nakama with an asynchronous process through a message queue, what should i do?
In my imagine, i can write an aditional module which can:

  • Connect to the message broker and listen a topic
  • Use Nakama API to do something when handle the event

Please correct me if i wrong and guide me.

Thank you

The Events system in Nakama is a two-parter;

#1. Publishing events from within Nakama to the Event queue (Only for events that are generated by Nakama and your custom runtime code.)

#2. Processing events in the queue out of band of where the publishing has happened.

Where #2 happens is where you can hook up your own messaging brokering system (forward msgs onwards).