Is it possible to access storage engine from a custom event?

I fear not but…

My client is using Heroic Cloud, and I’m assisting them in integrating a custom build system for Unity. In summary, my client’s web application calls a custom Nakama extension function via REST API to store some data in a collection. Subsequently, within the same process, the function triggers a Unity Cloud Build automation process. However, Unity takes several seconds to send a response, causing delays for users.

I need to make the process asynchronous, meaning I must write the initial data, return a response to the web application, and then continue with the process of sending the request to Unity Cloud while awaiting its response.

I attempted to use events, but it appears that there’s no way to access the concrete runtime.NakamaModule from them. As a result, I cannot read from or write to storage, which is necessary to keep track of the entire process.

My first approach before events was to use the AfterWrite hook, but it didn’t work because the integration between the web application and Nakama is server-to-server.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? The nuclear option is to have the event send a REST request using an HTTP key to Nakama, essentially having Nakama call itself back. However, I’d like to explore other alternatives if they exist.

Hey @ezl87 could Dedalord reach out to us directly so we can discuss this further? You can reach out to us at:

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thanks @lugehorsam , I managed to get the nuclear option working quite easily so we will stick with it a for a while, but will probably contact your team in the future