Matchmaking Range


I’m new to Nakama and using the matchmaker for the first time with a range of 2 - 4 players.

If two players are in the matchmaking process, it immediately sets up a match between them, but excludes a third player who joins the matchmaking process just a few seconds later. Is it possible to give the matchmaker some time to search for players before it finalises the match?

Alternatively, would it be bad practice to attempt to match 4 players for a few seconds, then 3 players for another few seconds, and finally 2 players?

The matchmaker treats all parameters as equally weighted and optimises for the lowest possible matchmaking time, it will prefer to be as close as possible to your max count but if that’s not possible it will accept any match as long as it at least fulfils your minimum count. As you’ve noted this means for a min-max range of 2-4 players if there are 2 immediately available then a match will be formed without waiting for 4 total.

As another example if 3 players attempt to matchmake with a min-max of 4-4 they will remain in the pool. If a 4th player then attempts to matchmake with a min-max of 2-4 then the matchmaker will match all 4 players together.

It’s a good solution to attempt to match for min 4 max 4, then cancel and expand the criteria through another matchmaker submission if the player has been waiting too long. This is also how you would handle expanding other criteria such as skill range - start with a narrow skill range, then try again with a wider one.

Thanks for the reply. Good to know that my alternative approach is a viable option :slight_smile:

Is there a way to expand criterias like ELO range with LUA (server side)?

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No, there is currently no way to expand matchmaking criteria automatically on the server. Cancel the previous matchmaking operation and submit a new one with a wider range of parameters.