Match listing in relayed multiplayer - Unity


I’m working with relayed multiplayer in Unity and want to get a list of matches. I create a match with CreateMatchAsync function, can join it an play the game, but when I try to list matches with Client.ListMatchesAsync(Session, 0, 8, 10, false, “”, “”), I get an empty list. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hello @mzetkowski.

Are you listing while there’s players connected to the relayed match? After the last player disconnects, the match is destroyed so it won’t appear in the listing.

Hey, I run 3 instances of the game locally, create a match with CreateMatchAsync and a name as parameter, in the other instance I also call CreateMatchAsync with the same name, so I join the same match, and finally in the last instance I try listing matches with ListMatchesAsync - the matches list is empty. Oh, and I use ContinueWith method on the task object to handle the results.

Hi @mzetkowski are you running 3 clients connecting to the same Nakama server? Can you share your match creation, joining and listing code and we’ll take a look.