Matchlisting not working

When trying to find matches and creating one if there is none, I can create one with the first user and the match starts.

However, when I am joining with a 2nd client, the match finder won’t see the current running match and creates a new one again.


Find/Join Match RPC call with user #1

Find/Join Match RPC call with user #2

Logs for user #2

Nakama console

Unrelated, but why is .nakama appending the Match ID when I create a match? I didn’t see that when I tried to create it via socket.createMatch().

Worth noting is that I tried using the MatchMaking route before, but I got the same issue where even if there are 2 clients with query * and a maxPlayer limit of 2, they never found each other.

Thanks in advance :pray:

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RPC call that creates a game if none exists, then straight after it is created if checks matchList()


After working with Nakama for a quite.
The reason is that the match label is delayed for updating (default: 1s).

  • Delay the match list betwen client
  • Increase the match label update delay (see configuration)