Lua runtime version problem

I just notice that nakama only support Lua 5.1 runtime and current newest version is 5.4.
I am not familiar with Lua and nakama, but I wonder can I use Lua 5.4 instead of 5.1 as long as I stick with the available functions in nakama doc?is there have any different between those I have to careful about?
Or should I just switch to 5.1(like 5.1.5) for the best result?

Hey @john,

I recommend just sticking on Lua 5.1 while you implement - if you look at the Lua release pages, quite a few new language features have been implemented since then:

It will wind up being more of a hassle for you to be on a different version since you’ll waste time debugging the language rather than your game.

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Thank you for your answering.
And I wonder if I can use 5.1.5?Since that still count as the last release of 5.1 version

Yes 5.1.5 should be fine. According the Lua versioning scheme, the third digit is reserved for bug fixes only, so the API should remain the same across all of 5.1: