Expose Nakama server version to our runtime #872

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Nakama but really like the product and the problem you are solving through it, I would like to make an open source contribution in your Nakama repo issue number 872, I went through the repo but didn’t quite understand from where should I start solving this issue, it would be really helpful if someone let me know which files or functions should I modify to make this enhancement? And because it’s a pretty naive question that’s why I didn’t discuss it in the GitHub issue.

Hi, after some discussion we suggest the following:

in the nakama-common repo:

  • the new runtime variable RUNTIME_CTX_NAKAMA_VERSION would need to be added in the runtime definitions

in the nakama repo:

  • update nakama-common dependency with the above
  • the version number is already available in the main.go so it just needs to be passed down into each runtime context
  • for example for go runtime it would be added into the rutnime context in the NewRuntimeGoContext() from a new parameter say nk_version string passed to it and it would then add it to the go context object using the key from the common runtime
  • equivalent change would be done for Lua and JavaScript runtimes

Please submit any further discussion to the Github Issue as at this point it’s farily well defined.


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