Losing message?

Hi there,
Im back here again for some questions:

  1. Loosnig messages
    Developing a tiled based mmorpg. Im now facing an issue where it appears that messages gets lost.

When the player moves in one direction, it sends a move request and the server validates it. Everything ok so far. But if i speed up the player a bit, to move for instance 5-8 tiles each second, it feels like the server drops a message somewhere along the line. The client can appear to be on an a specific tile when in reality it hasent reached that far on the server.

So my question is: what happens if the server cannot keep up with the amount of messages sent from a player?

  1. Correct way to find ping
    Atm im sending a rpc messages each like 5 seconds to calculate the response time. But then was thinking maybe rpc messages uses http, and will result in wrong response time.


Hello @gruset,

  1. The server has a configurable buffer that stores messages received between ticks. If messages are being dropped due to too many messages (buffer becomes full) between ticks you should see a warning message in the server logs indicating so.

  2. Using an RPC via HTTP should be ok, it might have some overhead over ping but it should provide a decent estimate. To optimise you could call the RPC through a socket connection.