Local Deployment for Ngrok

Hi I’m using ngrok for local deployment to test my game in development . But its not working well.
I hit command

ngrok http 7351

In unity
scheme= http // tried with https too
port = 8080
host = 9a4d-182-191-75-154.in.ngrok.io

its also not working in Browser no one is working

Standard Nakama API port is 7350 . 7351 is web console to be used by game developers.

ngrok http 7350

and then in Unity:

scheme= https
 #change below to the output from ngrok command
host = 9a4d-182-191-75-154.in.ngrok.io

should get you going

Hi @yamlcoder Thanks for reply i tried but its not working

m_Client = new Client(“https”, “2693-182-191-75-154.in.ngrok.io”, 80, “defaultkey”);

You should be using port 443 with HTTPS or port 80 with HTTP

yes its working but gameconsole is not loading

ngrok can forward to any port, but it exposes only ports 443 and 80. So when accessing ngrok URL you should not specify port, instead you specify it on the ngrok http 7351 command line