Limit connected devices to one

I want to limit users to using just one device, and if they change devices, the old device should be disconnected.
My big problem is that setting up a unique id on a device is near to impossible. Most scenarios after resetting phones will not work !
(using wifi or bluetooth address , imei) Users may refuse to grant those permissions, and having access to them is not good for a game (users may believe the game is a spy game or have other negative thoughts), and they can all be changed!

1.How can I set a real unique ID for each device?

2.How to limit users to using a maximum of one device

3.How can I make a system for moving user devices ?(after a change to new device, the old user device should be unlogged and remove from the devices table)

This is a similar way that Clash Royale used

4.have you got a better idea to limit users’ devices? (use just one device)

(unity, android devices ,runtime server module language is lua).

Any help would be appreciated

Hello @jsonberg215, check out this setting: Nakama: Configuration | Heroic Labs Documentation, it should give you the behaviour that you require.

As for the device id, Nakama provides the authenticate device API for frictionless authentication, but perhaps you should use something like AuthenticateEmail, or use one of the supported social providers instead to reliably identify the user authenticating.

Hope this helps