Leaderboard Score vs Subscore only update when score is better

I would like to have a leaderboard where the main score is tracked by “best” but I want the subscore to only update when score changes. Is that possible?

Leaderboard which tracks amount of enemies killed before dying and the subscore is time it took to complete.

I wan the result to be sort first by total enemies killed, then by time to complete. But I dont want to update time to complete if they didn’t post a higher score.

Right now what happens is that subscore is updated even if the main score didn’t get updated.

@newatlanta19006 This isn’t possible right now because the subscore is intended to be used to optionally differentiate the position of players who have the same primary score.

I think in this use case the fastest design would be to do a leaderboard record read in a before hook on leaderboard record writes and check if the primary score is the same as the one passed into the API call. This way you can reject the write before it proceeds to complete the record update.