Leaderboards Update Metadata of record


With a leaderboard set on increment

When I write a record with a score and subscore of 0, but I send new metadata, the record is not being updated unless the score or subscore is being updated too.

In my usecase I am sending a score of 3 for wins, and 0 for losses/draws, in the case its a loss or a draw, the metadata of the record is not being updated because the score wasnt updated.

How should I implement this?

Hello @BernardoSantos,

We don’t allow updating the metadata unless the score changes as we intend for the metadata to be tied to a particular score.

If you want to force the score and metadata to change, depending on what the operator of the leaderboard is, there are a few options:

  • If you’re not using the subscore, you could set it to a value that always changes (e.g.: the current timestamp), which will force the record to be updated.

  • Some leaderboard/tournament operators do not allow the input score or subscore to be 0, you can override the operator when using LeaderboardRecordWrite from the runtimes and use SET to override the value to whatever you intend to set it to. The new score still has to be different from the previous value for the write to take effect.

These should allow you to be able to update the record metadata.

Hope this helps