Leaderboard does not re-rank when I delete an account on the leaderboard (when fetching records around owner)

I have deleted an account using my Nakama dashboard, and as a result Nakama has successfully deleted the leaderboard record in all my leaderboards. Now, when I go to fetch my leaderboard using ListLeaderboardRecords, I get the proper rank ordering:

(Notice how there’s a rank of 3 followed by a rank of 4)

However, when I call to ListLeaderboardRecordsAroundOwner, the ranking still pretends that the old leaderboard record is there:

(Notice how there’s a rank of 3 followed by a rank of 5)

Any advice on how I can re-trigger the leaderboard to be accurate with LeaderboardRecordsAroundOwner?

I cannot use ListLeaderboardRecords instead based on the fact that I want a user relative-leaderboard

Hello @maxmiranda,

You are observing the leaderboard’s rank cache at play here which isn’t updated on account deletes. We will add this to our backlog.

Regarding a trigger to recalculate it, currently, Nakama doesn’t expose a API that could be invoked to force an update just to that structure but you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

@flavio would really appreciate an ETA on this considering it seems like there’s literally nothing I can do on my end. I even tried to delete the leaderboard and re-create it using the existing data I had and the caching is so intense that it still thinks there’s a phantom record there.

The issue was added to our backlog and it will be triaged. If this has a high priority for you then you can either:

Thank you for understanding.