Keeping Matches Open After Players Leave

Hi, I’m not the most experienced programmer, but I have managed to create a 2 player turn-based, ‘chess-like’, game in Unity and have successfully made it an online PvP using Nakama. I followed the 16 episode ‘Nakama In Unity’ tutorial video on YouTube. It uses the Docker and synchronisation between players is done through sending/receiving match states - which all works perfectly.

My query now is, how do I make keep the match open after players temporarily leave, so they have the ability to re-join the same match to continue on from wherever they left off? (just like Words With Friends).

Are there any tutorials on this that I could use?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

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A client relayed match will expire as soon as the last player leaves the match. They are kept in-memory and cannot be persisted.

In order to have persistent matches you should use a server authoritative match, where you will have full control of the match lifecycle. We have a game tutorial using authoritative multiplayer here: Nakama: Ninja Battle | Heroic Labs Documentation.

Thanks for your help on this. I have started reading through the Ninja Battle documentation. Bit by bit and I will fully understand it and be able to convert the current coding to apply to a server authoritative setup.