Issue with socket automatically closing when creating a party Unity

Good night and first of all, thank you for the incredible work with Nakama!

My problem is that the socket is closed automatically when try to create a Party. I’m following the instructions on Nakama Docs: Parties - Heroic Labs Documentation but still is not working. I’m using Unity 2020.2.2f1 and the last Nakama Asset: Nakama | Network | Unity Asset Store

I’m testing in a simple scene, i only have one script atached to the Canvas and that’s all. Here is a screenshot of the script:


As you see is a very simple script, very similar to the tutorials.

This only happens when i have the line when i try to Create the party, if i remove that line the socket works normally.

Please help me! Am i doing somethig wrong?

Here is a console screenshot:

I pasted the picture in this reply because as im a new user and i can only attach one media item at time.

@champilas What version of Nakama server are you on? Is there anything in the server logs you can see if you run the server in DEBUG level logging with the flag --logger.level DEBUG?