Is the limitation for GetFriends valid in Unreal SDK?

Hi, please, could somebody confirm the limitation of the function

void GetFriends(UNakamaSession* Session, int32 Limit, ENakamaFriendState State, FString Cursor, const FOnFriendsList& Success, const FOnError& Error);

In the NakamaClient.h is @param Limit The max number of records to return. Between 1 and 100.

But In API explorer and in Heroic Labs Documentation | Friends is a limitation up to 1000 friends

It’s a big difference. Could somebody confirm which limit is correct? Or is this correct because there is a special limitation in Unreal SDK?


  1. Server: Go,
  2. Versions: Nakama {2.8.1}, {Windows}

I think this was later changed in the server to allow 1000 friend fetches at a time. We will update the docs for the SDKs - thank you. cc @gabriel and @lugehorsam

ok. thank you. We will use limit 1000 :wink: