Is it possible to update group max_count after it has been created?

Hello, is it possible to update the ‘max_count’ of a group after it has been created? Or even change the default from 100 to a higher number? I am trying to run the code below, but it says there is nothing to update. I guess the only other option would be to create the group on the server using another RPC.

local nk = require("nakama")

local function update_group_max_count(context, payload)

local json = nk.json_decode(payload)

local group_id = json.GroupId
local max_count = json.MaxCount

nk.group_update(group_id, "", "", "", "", "", nil, "", max_count)


nk.register_rpc(update_group_max_count, "update_group_max_count")

Cheers, Andreas.

@Mawiel There’s no way to adjust that limit right now. Can you describe why you’d want to raise the limit to be higher and what sort of use case you have for larger groups?