How to update max_count limit of Groups?

Defaults aren’t set in stone

By default, groups are limited to 100 members (max_count), but that is not a hardcoded limit. Not only can you increase or decrease the maximum number of users in general, but also on a per-group basis.

This means you can have differently-sized groups for different purposes. For example, you can increase max_count for groups that represent leagues and reduce max_count for groups that represent individual teams or squads. You can even vary the size limit of a specific group dynamically. For example, you might reward a group that completed a challenging task by increasing their max_count by one.

how can i change max_count limit in groups!?!!?!?!?!?!

Hi @TheNeSSePa you can change the default member count by creating your group on the server Nakama: Groups | Heroic Labs Documentation

yes it work to create group and set the limit on 200
but if u created a group with 50 limits u cant update it more than 100

@TheNeSSePa You’re right, group creations allow a higher initial limit than follow-up group updates. We’ll adjust the validation so the update operation can do the same - look out for this change in Nakama 3.13.0! :+1:

fast response and action
thank u and nakama team for this wonderful supports…