How to add Javascript Maps to state in Nakama Authoritative Server?

I’m trying to have a few Map objects in the state handled by nakama runtime.

within matchInit

	const state: INormalGameState = {
		emptyTicks: 0,
		presences: {},
		joinsInProgress: 0,
		playing: false,
		players: new Map<string, IPlayerState>(),
		inputQueues: new Map<string, IMoveInputData[]>(),
		coins: new Map<string, ICoinState>(),
		nextCoinGenIndex: 0,

When I try to call map methods such as set, delete in any of the other match methods I’m getting Object has no member ‘set’ | ‘delete’
I guess Nakama is converting the data.

Is there a workaround for this. Is my approach right?
Please suggest