Just getting back to Nakama - server issues

I just updated Nakama to the latest version (3.13.1) as well as updated my client library. I am currently having issues with my server side code. When attempting to join an authoritative game I get the following error:

docker-nakama-1 | {"level":"warn","ts":"2022-09-20T15:42:43.647Z","caller":"server/match_handler.go:523","msg":"Stopping match after error from match_join execution","mid":"adbc04d5-99a5-4b84-a44f-630c32dc31f6","tick":3,"error":"TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property '_getPrototypeOf' at _getPrototypeOf (index.js:70:71(11))"}

This is happening on match_join, but I can’t figure out why. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to update something I haven’t? I’ve traced it as far as I could without finding an obvious error.

My code creates a Player object that extends a BasePlayer object the crash seems to happen when calling the BasePlayer constructor through a super() call in the Player constructor.

This was all working prior to upgrading of course.

Any suggestions?

Apparently this had nothing to do with Nakama (which I suspected)

I guess this was due to upgrading rollup. I ended up just forcing typescript to target es5 and that seems to have fixed my issue. Will need to debug further but it seems ok now.

Looks like I am still having trouble with the same core issue yet in a different spot:

docker-nakama-1       | {"level":"warn","ts":"2022-09-21T16:39:52.916Z","caller":"server/match_handler.go:292","msg":"Stopping match after error from match_loop execution","mid":"58f543d6-8da1-4625-a493-7db18633c63a","tick":20,"error":"TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property '_typeof' at _typeof (index.js:8259:51(16))"}

I realize this may not be Nakama related as the rollup change to es5 target seemed to help the previous error. Any ideas here?

babel.config.json needs:

  "presets": [
    ["@babel/preset-env", { 
      "exclude": [
  "plugins": []

That seems to have fixed this latest issue…

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Thanks for this! I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to change all the assignments of variables in some of the code…