How is message buffer queue size calculated?

If I have 50 connections and I need to send 50 messages to EACH connection (using null presences so that broadcast sends to all)

thats 2500 messages total in a single loop being sent from the server

does this count as 2500 or 50 in the queue size?

Sidenote, this is a one time process that gets sent in the beginning of a match so that all players have updated initial data - server has a tick rate of 1, the lowest possible. If there is a better of way of doing this, please let me know! Thanks!

Hi @Zeroxidic,

Message queue is per client and defaults to a max of 16 messages.

Ideally you should be receiving up to 1 message in and sending up to 1 message out per client per tick.

Sending 50 messages per client per tick is not advised. I would suggest combining the payload into a single message to the client where possible.