How do I get all the users in a match (Lua)

I’m trying to get all the users that where matched together within a match. Not sure how I could do this?

My code:

local match_players = {}

local function setup_match_players_list(context)
  local match = nk.match_get(context.match_id)
  for _, value in pairs(match.users) do
    match_players[#match_players+1] = value

@VastView How are you matchmaking your players? If you’re using the matchmaker you can register a hook and see the matchmaker output for each match as it’s formed.

Hi @zyro,

I figured that out yes, thank you :slight_smile:

I also learned that the state paramter passed through all the match handler hooks is what you should use to store local match data for every match on server memory.

Here’s my code for sharing a list of all matched players to my match handler:

local function makematch(context, matched_users)
    -- print matched users
    nk.logger_info("Matched users:")
    for _, user in ipairs(matched_users) do
        local presence = user.presence
        nk.logger_info(string.format("Presence.user_id: %s", presence.user_id))

    local modulename = "match_handler"
    local setupstate = {
        players_ordered = {}
    for _, user in pairs(matched_users) do
        setupstate.players_ordered[#setupstate.players_ordered+1] = user.presence
    local matchid = nk.match_create(modulename, setupstate)
    return matchid

Thank you.