How can I do large storage object updates from the console?

I can’t update storage record with many data I always get the message: “http: request body too large”
Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 8.06.33 PM

By default the console allows requests to contain up to 4KB.

Have a look at the console configuration options in the documentation. You’ll want to increase the console.max_message_size_bytes to allow larger uploads.

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Hi. I increased console.max_message_size_bytes and still getting this error “ApiResponseException: http: request body too large”

This happening when I trying to send data to storage

@antonsedov You’re replying to an old thread that contains outdated information. I recommend you create a new thread with all your information there - definitely include the server version and details about the request you’re trying to make. :+1: