Getting sporadic http: request body too large

Hi, I am getting from time to time a sporadic exception looks like this

ApiResponseException(StatusCode=400, Message='http: request body too large', GrpcStatusCode=3)

I am pretty sure that the message does not exceed the 4096 size limit, as all the requests are pretty much identical and this exception occurs rarely. If I am sending on purpose a large enough message, I am getting internal server error and not request body too large.

Any idea what can cause this behavior?

@oshribin Does the Devconsole show that the value for --socket.max_request_size_bytes is set to 4096?

There’s no scenario where the server would sporadically exceed the message size limits. It will be fully dependent on the inputs sent to the server. There’s two configuration options used to set limits and protect the server from bad actors with denial of service attacks:

  • socket.max_request_size_bytes - The max size of content in a single request.
  • socket.max_message_size_bytes - The max message size sent on the socket.

Yes, both values set to 4096, I am pretty much sure I am not sending this large messages from the client.
and also as I mentioned, when I am exceeding this size on purpose I am getting a totally different error.

@oshribin What version of the game server do you use? Would you be able to look at the release notes and update to the latest version and test again?