Here are 2 question about match。need help thanks。

  1. Is there an interface to know if a player is in a match or in which match? Do I need to maintain a global map variable to manage?

  2. I wonder whether the tick of the match can be modified, when the match has been created. For example, 5 ticks per second before the game starts, and 1 tick after the game starts, because I use the unreal5 dedicated server.

For 1., have a look at this thread:

For 2., can you give more details on why you need to change tick rate?

thanks for reply
for 1, i see。ther are 2 ways:
maintain a global map variable to manage, or store all user info in the match label ,use label to search.which is better?
for 2, when all player are realy ,i use unreal5 dedicated server as server for player ,so nakama server is only for game end to do high tick is not necessary

  1. The recommended way is to update the match labels with user ids, and use match label query for search;
  2. Tick rate is defined once at the match init handler, so modifying it after the match has been created is not possible. You could create a new match with the desired tick rate and migrate the players, though.

thanks for reply。got it