Error setting Match.Lua tickrate above 30

When running the game I am editing the world_control.lua which is in the modules folder. If I edit the tick rate to be > 30 I get an error saying it has to be between 1 and 30. I saw on the github this was a part of the match.lua. Where do I go to find/edit it? With it being at 30 it stutters a lot even on local network/same PC. I was hoping to bump to maybe 50.

Hi @Scott, which version of Nakama are you using?

I tried on 2.15 and also 3.11. From what I am seeing online people use clients to “guess” the next frame. That seems good, but also a bit complicated, but that is probably my best bet. I was just hoping to up the tick rate to avoid all of that.

Can you share the error you got in 3.11? As this limit was recently lifted to 60: