Not sure how to upload my server


I’m pretty new to the whole server and networking area of game design and I had managed to create the server and it seem to work, the players can register and login and play together.

I’m unclear on how would I upload my server to a/the cloud, so player from all over the world can register, play together etc.

right now the i’m using a local host and the default port, how would the process of releasing the server to the public goes?

I couldn’t find a tutorial about this in the docs



Is it that complicated? I thought it was a basic thing I have yet to understand and just need a direction

it is easier with docker you can run nakama server and cockroach db server without installing them using one command

it may take a sec to get up to speed with docker but launching any server without installing it ‘instantly’ with just a text file is a good tool to have

then you can just change ip address in docker-compose.yml to your public ip address and ensure ports not blocked and restart to go live and expose server to web

then just change the create_client call to point to new ip address

onready var _client := Nakama.create_client("defaultkey", "", 7350, "http")

i think

edit: sorry i guess i misunderstood you want to host it somewhere else not yourself? where?

first of all, thank you!
amazing that it could be as simple as putting my own public IP instead of my local host.

I am using docker on my windows machine and it worked o.k, I did try to also use binary install on a virtual machine of linux just to see that I get it.

but yes I wanted to understand how the process of using services like aws or google cloud goes?

do I upload my nakama .yml file and lua modules? but then how do I activate my server, should I put the public IP the service gives me into .yml and it would work?
I saw it’s possible to rent a virtual machine so have do I have to that? It makes sense to me but I’m a bit lost because I’m new and hoped someone here could tell me.