How do you install nakama server on linux machine?

hello, I download docker on my linux and it active and running based on command sudo service docker status showed. I’m kind of new to linux (2 weeks) because when I try to install docker on windows, it didn’t work after many attempt. it something have to do with windows home edition. anyway how do i install nakama on my linux mahcine? I follow this direction
Binary install - Nakama server
but with no luck. i download the nakama-2.13.0-linux-amd6

it in my download folder and in my terminal I issue tar xfz nakama-2.13.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz but it say the file can’t be found.

would someone guide me with this. I would like to install nakama and cockroachDB and connect to it and later on connect my godot client to it. any help is appreciated.

If you’ve installed docker then it sounds like you’ll want to follow the Nakama docker installation instructions, not the binary installation guide.

Give that a try and if you run into issues please share exact error messages, log output, and other details. It’s hard to know what problems you’ve run into based on vague reports like “it didn’t work after many attempt”.

i did docker run heroiclabs/nakama and copy the docker-compose.yml file and docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up, that seem to have nakama and cockroachDB up and running based on sudo docker ps -a output but how do i log into the nakama server? i try to log in from browser using and but it does not work . the documentation information is scatter everywhere so I can’t seem to make out what they trying to say.