Handling Demote for the receiving user

Hi, I’m using nakama with unity sdk

In documentation, to handle demote, you need to kick user first and then re add that user.
But in the message from IApiChannelMessage code, there is no GuildDemote code, only GuildPromote.

How do you usually handle demote for the receiving end? Lets say user B gets demoted, how to only shows that he is being demoted? since by kicking and then readding it would generate two new message on socket.ReceivedChannelMessage, each for kicked and added respectively and displaying message for user B would be confusing since he’s being kicked and added, not demoted

also I couldn’t differentiate between an user that is normally kicked, and user that is kicked and being added (demoted), there are no differences in the IApiChannelMessage.Content

Any Ideas on how to properly handle this? or is demote API currently on the works by nakama team?

The best way to handle this currently is as you describe: kick the user and then re-add them with the demoted role. Clients would need to account for the scenario where they see a user kicked and then re-added, then display it as a demotion.

I see how it’s not ideal so it would be great if you can open an issue for us to add a demote operation just like we have promote. That will streamline the process and remove any ambiguity from the client’s perspective. :+1: