matchKick client side handling

Client: nakama-js
Server: Nakama Typescript

Hi. How I can handle user kick from client side? I do not get any events after call dispatcher.matchKick([user]) from server side

On the client side you can see kicks as matchPresenceEvent. You can find example code in Nakama: JavaScript | Heroic Labs Documentation

Thanks for your answer but client lib 2.4.1 not have “matchPresenceEvent” handler, only " onmatchpresence" and this handler not firing when user kicked from match. This is the confusion and the reason for the question.

To help diagnose it further, could you confirm that socket is active and connected by calling socket.updateStatus("any string") , then checking result on a client socket where you expect to receive kick notification.

Yes socket still alive after kick

And socket.onmatchpresence not firing

Which Nakama version are you using?

Client: nakama-js 2.4.1
Server: Nakama Typescript

“dependencies”: {

“nakama-runtime”: {
“version”: “git+”,
“from”: “git+”

Any ideas why socket.onmatchpresence not firing for kicked user after dispatcher.matchKick([user]) call?
onmatchpresence handler firing for everyone except the one who kicked