Godot 4 Client - Using Domain Name Instead of IP Address

So I have been working on a turn based multiplayer game using Nakama for WebRTC multiplayer and have been able to make a connection to my testing server with its IP address. I am looking for a way to connect to this server via a domain name (that I have and forwards to the prev mentioned IP) instead of the IP address.

Currently I have searched through the forums for Godot, Nakama, gone through the documentation and code, and tutorials and have asked if there is a way to do this.

Is there a way to connect to a server via its url instead of its IP?

Thank you!

Using the Godot 4 Client Library

Hey @TrevorHarron this requires you to setup DNS resolution on your own infrastructure. We can’t really help with custom infrastructure setups unfortunately. Nakama is a game server that is agnostic to how its hosted. We offer Heroic Cloud for users who need out-of-the-box DNS, Load Balancing, etc.

We do have a guide on deploying to Digital Ocean as a toy solution: Heroic Labs Documentation | Deploy on Digital Ocean.