Get Matched Queries in MatchmakerMatched

I’m using the RegisterMatchmakerMatched hook to create a new game for the matched players. However, a player can have multiple maps queried for - and I need to know for what match all the players have been matched.

For instance, PlayerA has “map 1” & “map 2”, while PlayerB has “map 1” only. They are matched for “map 1”. However, runtime.MatchmakerEntry provides the properties for the players and not the exact query values on which they were matched.

Is there anyway to know the properties they have been matched for, without manually checking for commonalities b/w their properties?

Matchmaker currently only knows the queries matched the params, so you’ll have to check them manually.

Okay, that is sort of problematic since let’s say everyone who has been matched chose two maps - A & B, I can’t be sure which map has been matched for them. However, a workaround, since they have been matched, is if they have any criteria that are common, I can choose them randomly on the Nakama backend.

Thanks for the response.