Get all users

I want to get all users and order them by some metadata field (level) but i can’t find any method in the Function Reference. There is only two method get by id and get by username.

What’s the purpose of fetching all users? What are you trying to achieve in your game?

I want to group them by a metadata field and create a tournament and add them to the tournament. see post #404 in forum.

Hey @SinaZK. I’d recommend you approach this slightly differently with our Tournaments feature.

The problem with fetching all users to shard them into different tournaments is that it works ok when you’ve got thousands or 100s of thousands of users but will fail (with a timeout) at the size of games we usually handle which are in the 10s of millions.

Instead we usually approach this problem by having an initial tournament and then fill it until it becomes full and then programmatically create a new tournament and place new users that come in to participate into the next one and so on until the tournaments have been given enough time to fill before the tournaments start.

Would this work for your game design?